Land O'Lakes Butter with Canola Oil
8 oz tub
Product Description
Three simple ingredients, spreadable convenience.
Brand Description
In 1921, 320 dairy farmers met in St. Paul, Minnesota, to form the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association. Their idea was simple—join together to effectively market and distribute members’ dairy production across the country. From there, we quickly set our sights on growth. Just eight years after establishing our butter marketing organization, we expanded into the ag services and feed businesses. Our international journey kicked off 52 years later, as we began relaying the lessons we'd learned to support local agriculture in developing nations around the world. Those efforts have also helped us expand our commercial business beyond the borders of the United States. Today, our three businesses give us an end-to-end view of agriculture. Pair this with our farmer ownership and we’re uniquely qualified to better serve customers and consumers around the world, while always delivering on our responsibility to our member-owners.