Barnana Dipped Banana Bites, Peanut Butter
36 - 1.4 oz packs
Product Description
The American favorite we like to call The Elvis, the delicious combination of peanut butter and bananas - we did the dipping for you.
Brand Description
We are on a mission to end food waste on organic banana farms by upcycling the bananas that used to go to waste. When "imperfect" bananas have scuffs, are a little too ripe, or aren’t the perfect size - they are typically rejected for export. We take these delicious bananas and turn them into snacks. We are the brand synonymous with bananas. Yeah, you may have guessed it. But why "Barnana®"? Great question! That's because we believe that the banana is mother nature's original energy bar. We've made 'em even more convenient and flavorful.