Aspire Raspberry + Acai
12 - 12 oz cans
Product Description
Great tasting, healthy energy that burns calories, too! Leaves no jittery feeling and no crash. No Sugar. No Calories. No Carbs. Packed with essential B & C vitamins and nutrients. Natural caffeine from Ultra-Premium Green Tea and Guarana Seed Extract. Delicious raspberry flavor!
Brand Description
Aspire is a tasty, lightly carbonated beverage available in three flavours, Cranberry, Apple and Acai, and Mango Lemonade. Aspire's unique blend of active ingredients support sustainable healthy energy, calorie burn and weight loss. Aspire delivers healthy sustainable energy derived from premium green tea, guarana and B vitamins. Aspire has a unique combination of natural active ingredients that fuel your metabolism to help you burn more calories and support a healthy lifestyle. Its award-winning taste makes it an everyday option to fix your bad habits.