San Francisco Bay Coffee Decaf French Roast OneCups
36 - K-cups
Product Description
Our Decaf French Roast is the same the dark roasted, intense, bold, and smoky flavor you love decaffeinated using a Natural Water Process, giving you a rich, complex blend, without the caffeinated punch! Our low acid, 100% Arabica coffee blends from Central and South America, are all choice selected, high altitude, shade grown and handpicked, ensuring coffee is the best tasting coffee to be found for your Keurig K-Cup style brewers and other single serve brewing systems.
Brand Description
Our approach to farming, milling, roasting, packaging and selling coffee is different than any other company. By going straight to source, we are able to focus on farming innovations that preserve natural habitats, yielding a better tasting product. We focus on packaging improvements to reduce the environmental impact even further and we constantly focus on quality control. All of this combined, improves the lives of everyone we do business with.