Gratien & Meyer Alfred Gratien Brut
Product Description
The pale yellow hue of this wine’s robe is complemented by its lively effervescence. The bubbles are small and quick to rise to a fine mousse.
Brand Description
In 1864, Alfred Gratien established his cellars in the old tuffeau limestone galleries of the Saumur hillside. Originally an excavation site, stones dug from these quarries by ‘perreyeurs’ (or quarrymen) from the 12th century onwards were used to build many of the region’s important monuments (most notably the Château de Saumur). The quarries had been abandoned for a number of years when Alfred Gratien bought the estate and took over 20 hectares of vines and 5 km of galleries. He was then able to devote himself to producing fine sparkling wines in Saumur. Later in the same year he also moved into champagne production after setting up a second house in Epernay.