Stalk Market 16 oz Compostable & Biodegradable Soup Bowl
500 - bowls
Product Description
Our Stalk Market biodegradable bowls are a better choice alternative to paper and plastic at an affordable price. Stalk Market biodegradable plates are made from sugarcane bagasse, a waste-by product of the sugar industry. These eco-friendly plates are sturdy and fully biodegradable in a commercial compost facility in under 90 days. These 100% compostable plates will degrade back to organic matter called compost, which is then used fertilizer. So jump start greening your restaurant, office, cafeteria, or event today! Lid sold separately.
Brand Description
Bringing high quality compostable products to market for over 15 years, StalkMarket® is the leading supplier of compostable plant-based coffee cups, lids, tableware, cutlery and food packaging. Our products are BPI certified compostable and made from all-natural and sustainable resources. All green. All the time. That’s us.