Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso
5 lb bag (whole bean)
Product Description
From careful cultivation to refined preparation techniques, the Black Cat Project™ drives continuous innovation to espresso in all its forms. A direct result of intensive lot sourcing and close collaboration with our farmers or producers, our single origin and seasonal coffees produce espressos that continuously push the boundaries of flavor.
Brand Description
From Chicago, we inherit the Midwestern work ethic and pragmatism that embodies the city of Big Shoulders. Los Angeles inspires us to dream big. New York reminds us of the need to be authentic and to live up to our own lofty expectations. Atlanta’s unmistakable Southern charm creates a model for our commitment to service. And cosmopolitan San Francisco fuels our continual push for innovation. Alone, each of these attributes is formidable. Combined they define our commitment to sourcing, developing, roasting, and distributing the world’s finest coffees.