Angostura Bitters Orange Bitters
Product Description
Made from its own special recipe, ANGOSTURA® orange bitters is a complex blend of tropical oranges and spices. “The soul of an exceptional dry martini”; it is wonderfully versatile and pairs perfectly with vodka, gin and whisky. It also adds a depth of flavour to rum cocktails. Its complexity and layers of flavour also make it a culinary must-have ingredient. A perfect accompaniment to savoury sauces, seafood and chocolate.
Brand Description
In 1824 Dr. Siegert perfects the formula for aromatic bitters – "AMARGO AROMATICO" to use in his medical practice as Surgeon General to the armies of Simon Bolivar. He resided in the town of Angostura in Venezuela, this town is now called Ciudad Bolivar. In a class of their own, ANGOSTURA® bitters are the essential ingredient in some of the world’s most famous and best loved drinks