Noble Vines 515 Rosé
Product Description
Grown in windy valleys along California’s sunny Central Coast, Noble Vines 515 Rosé is a traditional composition of Grenache layered with Syrah and other aromatic varieties. Widely used in Provence, France, Grenache offers flavors of cherries and blueberries, with spicy notes, and extra body and richness.
Brand Description
James Ewart grew up making wine at the side of his father, one of Australia’s great Chardonnay winemakers. James is one of a very few winemakers who have also completed a graduate diploma in grape growing (viticulture), from the University of Adelaide in 1999. This followed his undergraduate degree specializing in geology, soils, and chemistry – valuable knowledge when matching Noble Vines’ time-honored vines to specific locations with one of North America’s leading viticulturists, vineyard manager Charlie Hossom.