Wilcox Farms Hard Boiled Cage Free Eggs
12 - 2 egg pouches
Product Description
Our Hard Boiled Eggs are Humane Farm Animal Care Certified and also free from hormones and antibiotics. Our cage free egg products are made using eggs from hens kept in an environment free of any type of cage system. This environment provides the hens with the room to engage in their natural behavior. This vigilance provides our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their egg products come from happy, healthy hens.
Brand Description
Hello, Welcome to Wilcox Farms, we are a 4th generation family farm committed to providing you the highest quality products. It all started in 1909 when Judson and Elizabeth Wilcox started their adventure here. As a transition farm we are committed to converting our chickens to 100% Organic and Cage free. We believe in providing you, our customer, with fresh organic, cage free, omega-3 eggs from hens that are Food Alliance certified, Certified Humane, Salmon Safe and certified organic by Oregon Tilth. As in the beginning family’s commitment to the environment, animals, and employees still is strong today.