EcoChoice 10-20 oz Compostable & Biodegradable Paper Hot Cup Lids (Translucent)
1000 - lids
Product Description
Designed to fit most 10-20 oz. paper hot cups, this versatile lid is the perfect hot beverage solution for concession stands, coffee shops, convenience stores, cafeterias, or office break rooms. A cost-efficient addition to any establishment, this EcoChoice lid provides your customers with a convenient way to enjoy your signature beverages on the go. Plus, once your guests have finished, the lid is compostable and biodegradable in commercial composting facilities and can be disposed of for fast clean up.
Brand Description
As a provider of affordably-priced, environmentally conscious products, EcoChoice is the best option for food service businesses that want to keep the earth healthy on a budget. Boasting a reputation for unbeatable prices, EcoChoice offers biodegradable and compostable restaurant supplies that will appeal to your wallet as much as your customers.