Noilly Prat Extra Dry
Product Description
Several wine grapes, including Clairette blanche, Piquepoul, Bianchetta, Trevigiana, Catarratto, and Trebbiano, are generally used as the base ingredients for vermouths. From these grapes, a low-alcohol white wine is produced by vermouth manufacturers. The wine may be aged for a short while before the addition of other ingredients. For sweet vermouths, sugar syrup is added before the wine is fortified with extra alcohol.
Brand Description
Inspired by the unique ageing process of wine in the 19th century, fine wine and spirits merchant, Joseph Noilly, created his first recipe of French vermouth. Louis Noilly established La Maison Noilly Prat in the picturesque fishing village of Marseillan, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by sun-drenched vineyards. Following Louis Noilly’s death, his daughter and widow of Claudius Prat, Anne-Rosine, took over the family business.