In The Raw Sugar In The Raw (100% Natural Turbinado Cane Sugar)
Product Description
Rather than using over-refined standard white sugar, add the finishing touch to your desserts and hot drinks with Sugar In The Raw! Made from turbinado sugar cane grown in the tropics, this sugar will please your patrons with a preference for all-natural products. It's also naturally gluten free. Since this raw sugar is unrefined and unbleached, the larger-sized crystals retain an unmistakable, natural golden brown color. Best of all, you can simply substitute 1 teaspoon of Sugar In The Raw for 1 teaspoon of standard sugar!
Brand Description
Founded in 1956, Sugar in the Raw was created as an answer to local Brooklyn restaurants searching for a healthier alternative to processed sugar for customers. After some time, the company's founder discovered Turbinado sugar and brought it to the United States, naming it Sugar in the Raw.