Eufloria Aromatic Rosé
12 - 750 mL bottles
Product Description
Each varietal in the blend brings its special touch: Riesling is floral and brings acidity, Gewürztraminer is fruity with spicy notes, Muscat brings citrus aromatics, Malbec a touch of color and strawberry aromatics. Fermented at cool temperature for 30 days. The slight 12 g/L residual sugar is natural and comes from arresting fermentation. The wine is aged for 5 months prior to bottling in stainless steel tanks to retain the aromatic intensity.
Brand Description
We’ve created our Eufloria Aromatic Blend because multi-varietal wines are often more complete than single-varietal wines. It’s a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its individual parts. There are aromatics, flavors and harmonies of sweetness and acidity that can only be achieved by blending multiple varietals. The perfect balance creates a dynamic where each varietal enhances or “lifts” the other to new heights.