Simply Mints Pouches, Peppermint (Individually Wrapped)
50 - ct
Product Description
INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED PEPPERMINT MINTS: Perfect for distributing at events, party favors, office reception desks, or throwing in your bag to stay fresh on the go! BREATH FRESHENING: We use only the highest quality ingredients, with nothing artificial. Each Peppermint breath mint has a refreshing and cool Peppermint flavor. GOOD INGREDIENTS: Cane sugar, peppermint oil, calcium stearate. (Vegan, kosher, non-gmo, gluten free, aspartame-free).
Brand Description
Good Ingredients None of our products contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. We prefer to keep things simple.     Non-Gmo Non-GMO Certified Our gum and mints are Non-GMO certified by the Non-GMO Project. Our Fruit Gummies, and Candy Bars are made with Non-GMO ingredients. Made with Real Fruit Our Fruit Gummies are made with real fruit - no artificial sweeteners or flavors added! Vegan Vegan Certified Our gum, mints, candy bars, and fruit gummies are all vegan! Kosher Certified All of our products are Kosher certified. Gum & Gummies: KofK, Mints: OU, Candy Bars: Earth Kosher      Born in Brooklyn We craft our gum in our Brooklyn, NY facility, using the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.