Rip van Wafels Wafers, Chocolate Hazelnut
Product Description
We asked ourselves, “Why aren’t there any truly delicious sweet snacks that are also low sugar, low carb and vegan?” The major cookie brands have over 10g of sugar. We decided to solve this by inventing a convenient snack that you can feel good about eating anytime. Our heavenly wafers have less sugar, more fiber, and fewer calories.
Brand Description
We make snacks for ingredient-minded eaters with great taste. If your palette demands something different, and you appreciate the little things in life - like surprising design, novel recipes and better-for-you treats - you’ve found the right purveyor. You think snacks should have sophistication. And we tend to agree with you. That’s why we’re working hard (and playing a bit, too) to passionately redefine the conventional idea of convenient foods, starting with the wondrous Rip van Wafels. Our mission is to awaken our increasingly busy population to a convenient and elevated food experience.