Hinterland Brewery Winterland
Product Description
Born out of long dark winters and a modicum of rebellion, this beer is hugely popular amongst our Madison Hinterlanders, who can’t get enough of it- often lamenting its summer hibernation. Opaque, deep brown to black color. Generous hop bitterness and aroma. Subtle but evident juniper berry finish.
Brand Description
What’s a Hinterland? Well, to Wiki and the educated world “Hinterland” means: the land beyond the known port city, the unexplored rural country or a person’s vast knowledge that is unlimited by parochialism and short sightedness. To us it means: Stop wasting your life drinking the same corporately-diluted beer and challenge your palate to a brew that has a rich heritage, a bold passion and a story that will make you way more exciting to others. The same philosophy lives in our kitchen where we push ourselves to experiment with interesting combinations of perfectly paired flavors– each one designed to inspire our guests.