Veggies Made Great (Garden Lites) Spinach Egg White Frittata
8 - 6 oz boxes
Product Description
Veggies made great! Introducing the newest product line! Our Spinach Egg White Frittata make the perfect start to your morning! These vegetarian Frittatas are packed with spinach, tomatoes, onions and red bell peppers! With 5 grams of Protein, Gluten Free and only 70 Calories you’ll start the day with a deliciously filling breakfast! Also try our Veggie Bacon & Potato Frittatas!
Brand Description
At Veggies Made Great, our mission is to get America Hooked on Veggies. Why? Because only 1 in 10 Americans eat the daily recommended amount of veggies. Fad diets come and go, and health advice changes over time, but there is one health message that has never changed: Eat your vegetables. Vegetables are the first and primary ingredient in every Veggies Made Great product. Whether the vegetables that make up the product are hidden, like zucchini and carrots in our Double Chocolate Muffins, or the highlight of the product like kale and cauliflower in our Superfood Veggie Cakes, Veggies Made Great makes eating your veggies delicious.